Here is a self-published book I did when I got a coupon from Picaboo for a severely discounted price on the book.  However, I only got around to putting together the book the day before the coupon expired.  So it was very rushed and I was playing around with backgrounds and other lay-out stuff and it turned out a bit disjointed.

All the pictures were taken with an iPhone (I can't remember the model). That iPhone was the first to feature the panorama shooting mode.  It was great having it but the quality in those days of panoramas was not like it is now. So panoramas that were enlarged suffered a bit.

The trip to Cuba was taken sometime before President Obama re-established diplomatic relations in 2014.  

I rented a car (not an easy thing to do back then) and drove west to the tobacco country and then east to Cienfuegos, Trinidad and Santa Clara where the last battle of the revolution took place and where Che Guevara is buried.  A fascinating trip in all senses...history, culture, landscape, architecture, and most rewarding - the people.

Enjoy |

front cover | Trinidad
The spirit of Che lives on | an elderly Che impersonator in Havana

Tobacco Country | Nabra, my daughter, walks in fields at a tobacco plantation near Pinar del Rio

Pre-Revolution | The Capitol | Revolutionaries | Museum of the Revolucion
Pre-Revolution, Revolutionaries | Capitol building | Museum of the Revolution 

Cruisin' Havana style | 1950's cars for hire at Revolution Square and privately owned ones

Colors of Cuba | Trinidad and Havana

Havana on a rainy day

Chillin' in the tropics | Trinidad street scenes

Panormas | The Manaca Iznaga tower in Valle de los Ingenios | used to observe and control slaves in the sugar cane fields

A woman whom I thought was a statue in Cienfuegos | Twin brothers in Trinidad

Hasta La Victoria Siempre | "Onward to Victory" | Che Guevara's mausoleum in Santa Clara | Nabra strikes a revolutionary pose near one of the many Che monuments 
Artist in Havana
Back cover | Nabra looks out a window at the National Museum of Anti-Banditry in Trinidad