This is a book I did many years ago from a visit to Darfur, Sudan to cover the famine.  It was before the outbreak of hostilities that infect Darfur to this day.  However, the disruption drought and famine brought to Darfur,  laid the groundwork of the war, atrocities and suffering that have yet to be resolved.  

East Africa was in the seventh year of drought and the suffering throughout that region was immense.  While I was there, the annual summer rains finally brought relief but it was a double-edged sword.  Rain did water their fields but the long drought and heavy rains also brought flooding that washed out bridges and roads and flooded access to camps hampering relief efforts.  

The Geneina airport next to the border with Chad was inoperable because the rains had rendered the dirt runway too muddy for relief flights to land, so I headed overland hitchhiking my way 1,500 kilometers back to Khartoum.


Dust cover inside front and back |