Hopefully sometime this summer (2021) | COVID-permitting, I along with Al Willner and Mike Bayles will embark on an adventure to follow in the footsteps of the great Carthaginian commander Hannibal Barca.

Our plan is to follow Hannibal's famous campaign from Cartagena, Spain, across the Pyrenees, through France and then over the Alps into Italy.  We plan to drive as well as hike portions of the route.  So in preparation for the Pyrenees and Alps hikes, I am trying to get in shape, as well as figure out a GPS tracking app that I hope to use in the documentation process.

So the app I'm trying out and seems to be pretty good is Wikiloc |

01-22-21-Calabasas Highlands
Summit-to-Summit from Old Topanga Canyon Road going west on Calabasas Peak Motorway. Beautiful clouds accumulating just before sunset. Accompanied by Holly, my Siberian Husky

As part of my documentation, I will also plan to upload videos, photos and historical information and illustrations |

one minute video of the hike 

And panoramas |

360 degree panorama taken with iPhone 11 pro max with 2X lens setting

Hannibal's campaign to Italy started in 218 BC |