After testing out the old Kodak Brownie cameras during daily pooch walks, I started taking panorama photos with the iPhone last week.

I concentrated on churches and monuments as they are quite visible and easy to spot when walking Holly, my Siberian Husky (she appears in some of them).  Also, churches, in particular, are in all neighborhoods and the panoramas give you a glimpse of what that neighborhood's environment is like.  It also gave me a reason to walk the dog in different parts of Milwaukee's inner city that I normally would not visit.

I will not give much commentary and will let the panoramas speak for themselves.

And last but not least, I have to thank Holly for being pretty cooperative and patience as I either tied her up to take the pictures or stepped on the leash when there was nothing to tie her to.  You would not believe how many rabbits are around Milwaukee especially on the median strip on Wisconsin Avenue.  And to give these images a little something to keep your attention, try and spot the pooch.

I am going to post the panoramas in the order I took them |

George Floyd memorial | Holton Street
The Domes | Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory
All Saint's Cathedral | North Juneau Street
Immanuel Presbyterian Church | North Astor Street

One thing I like about panoramas is the distortion that sometimes happens.  If, for example, you do not remain standing in the same place as you take the panorama it creates a paint stroke affect.

Holly's been in the last two photos.  Did you spot her?

Solomon Juneau | Juneau Park | French Canadian fur trader who helped found Milwaukee
Leif | The Discoverer | Son of Erik | Juneau Park | "who sailed from Iceland and landed on this continent 1000 AD" 
Replica of Solomon Juneau's log cabin 1822 | Juneau Park
Robert Burns | Burns Commons | Scottish poet and lyricist 
Lincoln Center for the Arts | St Paul's Episcopal Church | North Marshall Street

With this panorama, instead of standing in one position, I walked the length of the arts center | hence the relative accurate perspective in terms of the dimensions of the building

St. Rita Senior Living | St Rita Catholic Church and Three Holy Women Parish | Cass Street Public School

Not the greatest panorama, but I often pass it on the pooch walks as my Milwaukee house is on the other side of this complex

Cathedral of St John the Evangelist | Cathedral Square
statue "Dedicated to the Valiant Immigrant Mothers" | Cathedral Square

My wife is an immigrant mother as well as my great grandmothers who came from England and Scotland.

City Hall | East Wells Street
Old St. Mary's Catholic Church | City of Milwaukee Health Department | North Broadway

I like the reflection of the church in the granite column of the government office building as well as a partial reflection in the window.

Valentin Blatz Brewing Company | Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church | North Broadway
Basilica of Saint Josaphat | South 6th Street

The panoramas were all taken on an iPhone 11 pro max which has three lens focal length settings | .5X | 1X | 2X | This panorama was taken with 2X (telephoto) but most pjhotos are taken with either .5X (wide angle) or 1X (normal)

Holy Name National Polish Catholic Church | West Hayes Avenue
Saint Hyacinths Roman Catholic Church | West Becher Street
Saint Aldabert Parish | West Becher Street

Another interesting aspect of visiting churches around Milwaukee is that you visit different neighborhoods.  These last three churches were in predominately hispanic communities.

Saint Anthony Parish | South 9th Street
Saint Stanislaus Roman Catholic Church | West Historic Mitchell Street

The last six panoramas were taken in south Milwaukee and most churches were catholic.   It also appeared to be an ethnically diverse and lower income community.  

Now that I think of it, I did not come across any synagogues or mosques, or Hindu or Buddhist houses of worship.  I did a search for each of those religions and there are temples of worship but they are much more modest and less picturesque.  

Also of interest after looking at the racial make-up of Milwaukee on wikipedia, is that Milwaukee's population is 40 percent African-American, 37 percent white and 17 percent Asian (2010 census).  Unfortunately, though Milwaukee is one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse cities in the United States, the neighborhoods are delineating along racial lines with little mixing.  

Saint Francis of Assisi Roman Catholic Church | Vel R. Phillips Avenue
St. Paul Church of the First Born which is written in Heaven | Vel R. Phillips Avenue

What a wild name for a church | don't know what it means | I looked at a map and behind the church is the Dead Bird Brewery.  

Golda Meir School Upper Campus | West Pleasant Street

The future Prime Minister of Israel was once a student at this school which is located in the brewery district adjacent to the former Schlitz Brewery | once the largest brewery in the United States and "The beer that made Milwaukee famous"

former Schlitz Brewery complex | North 2nd Street
Saint John's Evangelical Lutheran Church | West Vliet Street
Milwaukee River | looking towards downtown | North Riverwalk Way
Pathways High formerly a Lutheran church | Tripoli Shrine Center also known as Tripoli Mosque | West Wisconsin Avenue
Shriner with child statue | West Wisconsin Avenue

From the Scimitar Foundation website | "Tripoli Mosque, architecturally a replica of India’s Taj Mahal, is home to the Tripoli Shrine Center"

Church of the Gesu | Marquette University | West Wisconsin Avenue
Calvary Presbyterian Church | Civil War Monument | West Wisconsin Avenuew 

In the last few pictures you will noticed blurred vehicles and people.  I like this affect that happens when you have moving objects while panning to complete the picture.  In order to have anything visible from a moving object, the subject has to be moving with the pan for a few seconds.  Notice, that though Wisconsin Avenue is a busy thoroughfare, there are no cars visible in the opposite lane.  That is because they were going in the opposite direction of the pan and were not in the picture long enough to make a presence.

Spanish-American War monument |. West Wisconsin Avenue
General George Washington statue | West Wisconsin Avenue
Milwaukee Central Library |. West Wisconsin Avenue
A gazebo in the gardens of the Wisconsin City Club | private club

The last eight pictures have been taken along West Wisconsin Boulevard.  A very interesting and picturesque street and very enjoyable walk from Marquette University to downtown.

former Pabst Brewery | The Brewhouse Inn & Suites | North 10th Street
Joseph and Vera Zilber statue | "built Zilber LTD, one of America's most successful real estate and investment corporations"
Milwaukee River | Holton Street Bridge | looking south
Milwaukee River | Holton Street Bridge | looking north
Lakefront Brewery | Holton Street Bridge

These last three panoramas are one of my "go to" pooch walk areas.  The bridge and the Milwaukee River is at the end of the street where I have a house.  There are a number of bridges and the riverwalks transition from urban paved walkways to earthen paths at river level here.  Fantastic walks and Holly loves it.  So many rabbits!

Milwaukee Pierhead Lighthouse | Lake Michigan
Milwaukee Pierhead Lighthouse

Normally I would not include two pictures of the same subject, but I like both and had to have the Pooch in a closing panorama.

Lakeshore State Park Inlet | Milwaukee

I thought the sunset photo of the Milwaukee skyline with geese and their young to be a fitting last panorama and last photo.  But today I took the pooch on a walk along the river at a new area and since the river walks had been one of the "go to" places I think it is appropriate to include one for the Panorama | Milwaukee blog entry.  Also, Holly loves the natural part of the river walk and it's been awhile since I took her there | because of these photography and panorama blog entries.

Also, todays river walk was different because since I had last gone there, the tree leaves and generally greenery has filled out.  At one place along the river, it reminded me of a tropic setting that you would fine along a river in Thailand or Africa.  When I arrived here two months ago, there was almost no greenery around. Some trees had started to have buds.  I am amazed at how quickly the landscape changed.  Also the contrast in temperatures.  Six weeks ago it snowed and days were consistently below 40 degrees F.  Two days ago it was in the upper 90s.

Milwaukee River | Hubbard Park
City Hall | Milwaukee | 1898 panorama | United States Library of Congress