The second camera I tried out was the Brownie Target Six-20 which was manufactured from July 1946 to May 1952.

It has a shutter speed of around 1/30th of a second and two apertures of F11 or F16

Richfield, Wisconsin | Saint Peters Church

The first thing you will notice is that the negative is not square.  I did not know this and thought I would have 12 frames to shoot.  Well after taking the 8th photo, there was no more numbers.  The film had run out.

Note:  I used Ilford Delta 100 IOS black & white film

End of roll observation | you only get 8 photos

Milwaukee | Wisconsin Avenue

Again as with the Duaflex, these images are blow-ups from an scanned contact sheet.  So quality and detail are not what it would be if scanned directly from the negative.  These images will be replaced with scanned negatives when I have access to my scanner.

This image in intriguing.  There was a dramatic backlit cloudy sky but it appears there is not much detail.  It was over-exposed a bit, so if I had remembered I should have changed the shutter speed to F16 by pulling a small lever on top of the camera.

Re-reading instruction manual observation | Remember you have two F stop settings

Milwaukee | Wisconsin Avenue

This is a picture of the back of American Revolutionary leader General George Washington.  This is a picture of the same statue as photo number two but looking the other direction and not into the sun.  More evenly exposed and details clearer.

Observation | more evenly lit scenes provide for more evenly exposed photos with better details and better general image quality

Wisconsin Avenue | Spanish-American War monument

The size of the negative is 2 1/4 inch by 3 1/4 inch.

Wisconsin Avenue | Civil War monument | Calvary Presbyterian Church steeple

Note: I did some photoshop on these images | lightening, darkening and touching up spots (from possible procession or dust issues)

North 9th Street | Milwaukee Public Library | St. James 1868 

This is a nice straight forward clean photo with nice contrast, details and depth.

Wisconsin Avenue |. George Washington statue

Not too interesting.  Can't figure out dark area in upper right portion of photo. Could be a procession issue.  

Lake Michigan | Milwaukee Pierhead lighthouse

I obviously moved the camera slightly when I took the picture.  It's artistic :) but a bit disorienting.  I sort of like it.  Probably rushed the photo because my pooch was off-lease and I was concerned about her whereabouts.

No brainer observation | pay attention when taking photos especially if you want subjects not to be off skew

Note:  There are two viewfinders.  One for vertical pictures and another for horizontal pictures.

Contact sheet | no photoshop

For more information on Brownie cameras and to see manuals see following link: