Press On | Day Two route | Kobylice to Glogowek
A late breakfast stop outside the Catholic Church in Lezyce (Lenschutz)

Al’s journal entry 22 January 2020

Day 2  /  22 Jan AM: 27 degrees F  PM: 29 degrees F

Cloudy all day, wind, rain, snowflakes

Kobylice  to Glogowek  (19 mi)

Packed up tents and headed up the road

Chilly, overcast - walked along country

roads - generally quiet but thought

about what it must have been like here

in January 1945 with 4000 prisoners

stretched out walking in 10 degree F weather

refugees and Wehrmacht and SS

moving west ahead of Soviet offensive -

must have been chaos on the road in

the snow, wind & cold, going through a

Polish village saw an old barn falling

apart and wondered if that was one the

prisoners were forced into at night.  Stories of

a thousand in a barn, lying on the floor trying

to keep warm - nothing we are doing comes close
to that but walking here makes us think.

Thinking also about Dad’s sense of humor and

what prisoners pulled on to keep going - friends,

luck, faith - lots to dwell on

Press On | Walk in Remembrance Day Two