Press On | Walk in Remembrance Day Four route

After an early morning press interview in Niemyslovice, commemoration ceremony at the Laczki massacre site and a school lecture in Biskupow, Al and Mike were only able to cover seven miles in sunny slightly above freezing day time temperatures.  They bedded down tonight in a classroom at the Imiena Orlat Lwowskicz school in Szybowice.

On February 27th this year, a memorial will be placed outside the gymnasium of Niemyslovice with the inscription |

"In memory of prisoners of the German death camp Auschwitz-Birkenau who were murdered in January 1945 during the Death March in the Prudnik Municipality"

During his four days on the walk,  Al has reflected on the meaning of this journey. He listed five of the most important observations and reasons why he is walking the footsteps of his father.

75 years later to remember my father, his fellow prisoners and their march and others who died and suffered during that time

To think about those who survived and what it was that kept them going in such terrible conditions - what is behind the will to survive

To learn about the Polish people and their history by meeting and speaking with them along the way

To learn about how my own DNA was formed and perhaps inspire others to go walk where their parents and grandparents walked to learn more about their family histories

And of course, to walk with close friends and remind myself how lucky I am in my own life for what I have

We would like to extend out thanks to our Polish friends in Biskupow and Szybowice who welcomed us into their communities and gave us the opportunity to speak and share with young and old alike the Walk in Remembrance and the importance of knowing about and learning from our histories and life experiences.