Press On | Walk in Remembrance Day Six route

Al and Mike along with Maciej Szop and his dog Rudy walked 15 miles in moderate above freezing temperatures along a hilly route eventually finding a camping spot next to Lake Otmuchowskie.

Scenes from the walk |  from morning until night

Started walk at 8:30 am from Biskupow.

10 am: visited Mr. Pydych who offered them vodka.  He lives alone and  was 11 years old as World War II drew to a close. We was not impacted by the war but talked passionately about the Russians, Palestinians and Israelis.  The placemat is from his home.  I left them at that point to take care of some logistics like finding a place to stay, refueling the car and replenishing sim cards.

Al and Mike accompany by Marciej and Rudy walk from Jarnoltow to Sciborz. I locate them using Al's GPS uploads that tracks them every 10 minutes.  At 4pm they start to scout a location to camp.

4:30 pm: After reconnoitering along Lake Otmuchowskie for a wind protected location they set up camp and cook a meal of teriyaki chicken and salmon by pouring boiling water into food pouches.  After a toast to a long day's walk,  Al beds down to write in his journal and Mike checks his phone.

A feature story by NRK (Norwegian TV) correspondent Roger Sevrin Bruland and cameraman Jan Braten on Al and Mike's Walk in Remembrance . (please note segment on Walk in remembrance starts at 30:35 point on NRK broadcast)

NRK TV – Dagsrevyen
Siste nytt fra NRKs nyhetsredaksjon med utenriksmagasin, sport og vær.
Note: Section on Walk in Remembrance starts at 30:35 segment break